Smaro Gregoriadou


"Reinventing guitar" - How and Why

“Speak a new language, so that the world will be a new world”

J. Rumi


A few years ago I introduced the title “Reinventing guitar” as a summation of my artistic and pedagogical activities in the field of classical guitar. This is also the title of my first and second CDs for Delos. The term and process reveal novel guitar sonorities for traditional repertoire, the realization of which is based on Kertsopoulos Aesthetics system and methodology.


“Reinventing guitar” is not merely an attempt for historically informed interpretations. It expresses the dynamic process of assimilation by which a contemporary artist re-creates in his own terms the masterpieces of the past. Thus the objective is not as simplistic as making a modern guitar sound like a harpsichord or a baroque lute. The aim is to discover some vital but long-neglected aspects of guitar’s tradition and historical milieu, and to incorporate them into our current interpretive logic and mentality.


The “Reinventing guitar” process involves two tasks. Firstly, to study retrospectively the history, repertory and traditions of the classical guitar, placing facts in their proper background. And once this data is properly assembled and digested, to activate all necessary artistic forces so as to provide realistic, coherent, and yet fresh period interpretations of the classical guitar repertoire, at the same time “alive” and compatible. Bach spoke often of the performance of a piece as requiring gravitas. The effort to reveal, and – if possible – transmit the energy of this inherent spirituality through interpretations rooted in the mother sonorities is the essence of my approach.