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Reinventing guitar, Vol. 2 - Critical praise

"...Perhaps some of the most authentic sounding interpretations ever recorded on the guitar...

...These instruments combined with Gregoriadou’s incredibly fluent technique, refined tone, and her deep understanding of the Baroque style really delivers the proof that the guitar can handle this repertoire just as well as the keyboard instruments for which it was originally composed...

...The “Allegro” is a shining example of how incredible Gregoriadou’s technique is. She performs with such a precision and her fast tempo puts you on edge, but she is in absolute control bringing this multi-movement work to its full realization...

...Reinventing Guitar II is a tremendous achievement that contains perhaps some of the most convincing guitar interpretations of Scarlatti, Bach, and Handel. Gregoriadou is a virtuoso guitarist, scholar, and she is a stand out who will no doubt excite audiences, while carving out her own niche within the classical guitar world..." GUITAR INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, UK

"...The clarity and separation of each musical line and the perfect dynamic balance of the counterpoint under her fingers are uncanny...Under her fingers Scarlatti is spirited, Handel is noble, and Bach is fluid. Her technique is so solid that it doesn't even factor into the big picture. All the pieces on this CD were arranged by Gregoriadou herself for double-course pedal guitar or single-stringed scalloped pedal guitar, and she did not try to cover-up any difficulties inherent to the music in her transcriptions. Some of the fingering work she does would make lesser guitarists cry for mercy. Some of these works are hard to play in their original versions, with both hands in front of you on the keyboard, therefore they must be a tremendous challenge on a fretted instrument, but Gregoriadou makes it all seem so easy. The musical lines flow naturally, even in the thorniest passages. All the embellishments, trills and double mordents are present, true to the baroque style, and at times you could swear that you are listening to a harpsichord... Highly recommended for all guitar enthusiasts and baroque music fans alike..." CLASSICAL MUSIC SENTINEL, CANADA

"The richness of tone is stunning, as it is on the two single-stringed guitars. A selection of Scarlatti’s tiny sonatas sparkle on the double-course instrument, and a Bach Preludio, Fuga e Allegro had me wondering just how Gregoriadou manages to keep so many contrapuntal lines spinning at once. Bach’s E Minor Toccata is astonishing, the fugue’s unravelling one of the most compelling things I’ve heard in ages..." THE ARTS DESK, UK

"First, some word about her playing. It is superb. Her technique is flawless, no matter what demands she encounters. Her rhythm is fluid and rock-solid, and her ornaments (cross-string fingerings) burst like fireworks. Her tone? Well, that’s what this is all about. Ms Gregoriadou is part of Kertospoulos Aesthetics." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Smaro Gregoriadou's first Delos recording began her fascinating foray into the history and evolution of the classical guitar that continues with the current album, Reinventing guitar II. This is must-have material for those who wish to follow the artist's ongoing investigation and practical application of factors like instrumental design/construction, string materials/configurations, and tuning schemes -- and how they affect performance techniques, interpretive possibilities and sonic qualities.

Harpsichord and Lute transcriptions by Scarlatti, Bach and Handel, based on Kertsopoulos Aesthetics system and methodology.

All works arr. Gregoriadou for double-course pedal guitars, or single-stringed scalloped pedal guitar (soprano & alto versions).

Read detailed list with the CD's program, the guitars and tunings employed, and general recording information.

See fascinating pictures of guitar types used in this CD!