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Fernande Peyrot: Préludes pour guitare
Smaro Gregoriadou interprets Préludes pour guitare by Fernande Peyrot (1888-1978). During her lifetime, French-Swiss Fernande Peyrot (1888-1978) was considered one of the most important female composers of the 20th century. She belonged to the composers of Frank Martin's generation. Peyrot’s skills and unique music personality brought her to the attention of legendary musicians of her time, including guitarist Andrés Segovia and conductor Ernest Ansermet. Her well-crafted compositional output is quite extensive, including orchestral works, chamber music, choral works and songs. Until fairly recently she belonged to the mostly forgotten composers of her generation. Her four Préludes pour guitare, most probably composed in the early 1930s, show her at her very best.
Included in Smaro's CD album: El Aleph (DE3490) by DELOS
Instrument, tuning schemes, string configurations: KERTSOPOULOS AESTHETICS. Video/audio production: AN-ART ARTISTRY.