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Gregoriadou: Balkan Dances for solo guitar

Smaro Gregoriadou: reinventing guitar! is the title of Smaro's cd edition released by DELOS in July 2009, which also includes her composition: Balkan Dances for solo guitar in fantasia-form. They are based on themes, rhythms and melodies derived from the Balkan music heritage. The idea of using diverse types of guitar within the same composition was inspired by the considerable variety of traditional instruments with unusual techniques that exist in the Balkans. In the hands of outstanding folk musicians these remarkable instruments and playing techniques revive tradition in a continually refreshing manner; it is exactly this spirit of essential continuity that most “classical music” interpretations would long to gain, indeed. To these astonishing musicians, heralds of simplicity, this composition is cordially dedicated. They are performed on a high-pitched guitar (1st=g#’) and a pedal classical guitar in metallonylon trebles. Live in Athens (1/3/2008)!

Balkan Dance Nr 1 on a Bulgarian folk theme

Balkan Dance Nr 2 on a Greek epic song from Karpathos